what is the real cost of surrogacy

Are you considering surrogacy to become parents? If this is your personal situation, first you need to think if surrogacy is ok for you and second you need to estimate the cost of surrogacy and the surrogate mother cost to ensure you are financially prepared as this process can be extremely expensive.

Surrogacy can be an expensive and complex process

If you are considering surrogacy, it is important to know from the beginning that it is an expensive process. A Surrogacy process involves many legal, medical, and psychosocial steps and difficulties for the indented parents and surrogates. Due to this complexity, probably you will need the support of a surrogacy agency that can make the process even more expensive (please note that there are a lot of intended parents who don’t work with a surrogacy agency, this is a personal decision)

Average Surrogacy Cost

The average cost of surrogacy can vary significantly depending of the country and the surrogacy specialist involved, the surrogate mother cost, etc. it can be as low as 70,000 USD or as high as 150,000 USD. If you work with a surrogacy agency you need to note that normally larger agencies provide more services but also, they are more expensive than smaller ones.

Your total surrogacy cost will also vary depending on your individual circumstances, for example if an egg donor is need.

Surrogacy Challenges

Even if you can find your own surrogate mother you also can consider to work with a surrogacy agency to guide you through the process (for example referring to fertility centers, psychologist, lawyers etc.). Whether you decide to work with an agency or not, a reputable fertility lawyer is a must to help you with the surrogacy contract and legal requirements.

On the other hand, there are expenses/costs that cannot be planned in advance, for example if a C-section is needed or if is a twin pregnancy.

Looking for a surrogate mother abroad

Going outside the United States of America can often lower the cost of surrogacy, normally because you will have lower surrogate mother cost and legal/medical fees. However, before making your decision you need to ensure that surrogacy is legal in that country and you won’t have any issue to come back with your baby.

What is the real cost of surrogacy?

When you pursue a surrogacy process, you should be aware that the cost of surrogacy is not going to be only economical but also emotional and psychological. This can be an expensive, challenging and difficult process. Select reputable fertility centers, trustworthy surrogate specialist and family lawyers that are surrogacy specialist.

Research before moving ahead

Do your own thorough research and ask many questions before you pick, retain and a surrogacy agency or a family lawyer. Make sure your process for a healthy baby is as honest and transparent as possible.

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