Become a surrogate mother

Becoming a surrogate? Looking for Intended Parents?

Becoming a gestational/traditional carrier is one of the most selfless gifts a woman can give.

What are the differences between gestational and traditional carrier or surrogate? A gestational surrogate is not genetically linked however a traditional surrogate is biologically connected to the baby as her owns egg are used during the surrogacy process.  

What are the requirements to become a surrogate?

  • Age: Between 21-38
  • Prior pregnancy: one full-term healthy pregnancy
  • Body Mass Index: lower than 32
  • Country: residence in a surrogacy friendly country (State/Province/Region)

If you are thinking to become a surrogate mother one of the first phases in your journey will be to find intended parents, to do that you can work with an agency or do it in an independent way.

How to find the right IPs?

If you decide to continue with your idea to become a surrogate, a surrogacy specialist can link you with prospective IPs who are willing to growth their families through surrogacy. The second option is to pursue an independent surrogacy journey and make your own research.

What are the main steps in a surrogacy process?

The main steps in this search are:

Step 1: Decide if surrogacy is right for you

Think carefully about all the implications of the surrogacy process and decide if this choice is ok for you

Step 2: Agency or independent:

You need to decide if you want to have the support and guidance of a surrogacy specialist or you prefer to pursue an independent journey. Both options have pros and cons

Step 3: Find intended Parents

Learn about the expectations and goals of your intended parents to ensure both parts are on the same page. More info about how to find intended parents in this video

Step 4: Psychological and medical exam:

The medical and the psychological exams are always one of the key milestone of any surrogacy processes to ensure the heath of the surrogate

Step 5: Draft and sight the contracts:  

After the screenings, a surrogacy agreement needs to be draft and signed before starting with the fertility treatment. You will need to have the support of a reputable family lawyer.

Step 5: Begin the medical process:  

Under the supervision of the IVF clinic you will start with the fertility treatment and the embryo transfer. After the confirmation of the pregnancy, you will receive prenatal care as you would have with any other pregnancy

If you are ready to become a surrogate, just learn as much as possible about the process and pay special attention to search of IPs, probably to find the right intended parents is one of the most critical phases of the whole process.


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